2 Piece Connectable Light Sabers


Two Lightsabers included in each order!

BUY Quantity "1" --> Two Single Swords / One Dual-Saber

BUY Quantity "2" --> Four Single Swords / Two Dual-Sabers 

Featuring the well known lightsaber hum and clash sensors, these swords are manufactured with the intention of simulating the props used in filming!  The sword-light, clashing sound, and humming noise simulate "real" light-sabers with incredible effectiveness.

  • Features same sound as in films when turning ON/OFF Light-saber
  • 3 Different Settings 
    • Solid Color - 7 different options 
    • Flashing
    • Slow Changing Color
  • Excellent gift for children, teenagers, and adults 
  • Material - Polycarbonate plastic 

Please allow 2-4 weeks (to be safe) for shipping

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