About Us

So who are we anyways? 

We're a small family run business located in Vancouver, Canada. 

The reality is that the markup on the Internets best selling products is astronomical, and unlike any other industry to date.  Let us explain.  The reality is almost every single item you can think of, is, and can be made in China.  This means that from Production --> The Consumers' Possession, the product is passed through many hands, each time with a markup applied.

These "Middle-Men," or "Intermediaries" provide no benefit to the products value, and exist solely to turn a profit.

Fortunately for the consumer, we've sourced all of our products directly from the manufacturer!  This means we're the only ones applying a markup to the product, saving the consumer their hard eared cash.

Having learned of these poor business practices,  we sought out a more ethical and consumer friendly solution.  Fair prices that reflect the COST of the item, rather than the Big Brand "Manufactured value."

Thanks you to all our customers for helping us to continue this mission of lower consumer costs!