Double Head Sheet Nibbler


Anyone who has ever used sheet metal snips or scissors knows how frustrating they are to use. What began at first as a simple ask, soon becomes a daunting project you didn't plan for. Whether you're a builder, craftsmen, or DIY'er, the Double Head Sheet Nibbler is an essential piece for any toolbox. Difficult sheet metal work is made easy, eliminating tedious, repetitive measures and materials made from inaccurate cuts. It’s the most versatile tool you can own!

Product Features:

  • Powered by a Hand Drill - no additional power source needed
  • Light and compact: Fits in nicely in the corner of your toolbox
  • Cutting Heads adjust 360° for easy cutting in any space
  • No distortion of material
  • Cuts corrugated, round, or flat materials up to 14 Gauge (2 mm thick) (varies by material)
  • Cuts any shape to 12 mm radius

    Shipping Information (Extremely High Demand)

    • Fast shipping to USA (1 - 3 weeks)
    • International shipping (3 - 6 weeks depending on your location)

    Due to high demand limit 5 per customer

    Package includes:
    • 1 x Nibbler Saw
    • 1x Wrench
    • 1 x Hand Grip