Inductive Car Set

YES!  It really works - better than you may think possible.  Despite looking like magic, the Inductive Children's Toy utilizes an optical sensor that can read any black line on a white surface!


  • Use a dark colored crayon or marker to draw on a white piece white paper
  • Place Car on top of line
  • Watch as the car follows your unique path!
  • Will continue in whatever direction the line had once it reaches the end

1 x Magic Car or Truck (6 styles sent at random)

1 x Magic Pen

1 x Instructional Manual 

1 x White paper with preset black lines

Get your child (or yourself) a unique one of a kind gift that will leave the whole family amazed!  This product inspires creativity and helps nurture young minds.  

Please allow 2-4 weeks (to be very safe) for shipping


Please note we will will send out one of 6 styles at random - this way everyone has a surprise!  No special requests, as this product will sell out fast!