Magnetic Adsorotion iPhone Case


Accidentally dropping your phone is inevitable, but keeping it protected once it does is a choice!

Say goodbye to inaccessible, unattractive, and bulky smartphone cases! Keep your iPhone protected with the most REVOLUTIONARY smartphone case to date! Protect your smartphone while preserving style and functionality! 

It makes use of an innovative magnetic locking mechanism that gives your phone an all-around protection while still giving you access to eject your phone from its shell when needed! Made from a combination of industrial-grade metal, tempered glass, and silicone keeping it light, stylish, and secured all at the same time!


  • Innovative Magnetic Locking - There's no way you're phone's falling off unsafe! This amazing case features a unique magnetic mechanism embedded on its sidebars that makes it a lot easy to apply or remove protection. Open it sideways, flip it from top to bottom, or take off the cover like you would a lid! Experience a completely foolproof adsorption!
  • Industrial-Quality Build - This amazing protective solution is made from high-quality materials such as an A Grade aluminum paired with 9H Tempered Glass to provides the MAXIMUM amount of protection while maintaining a lightweight and ergonomic frame. 

  • Easy to Access - Unlike most smartphone cases, our solution provides the protection your smartphone need while keeping all your ports accessible! Say goodbye to frustrating obstructions and the need to remove your case just so you can charge your device. Its lite-aluminum components also boost connectivity signals allowing you to enjoy better signal coverage!

  • Ergonomically Designed - An amazing smartphone case that excels in both protection and style! It comes with cleverly designed sidebars that prevents your screen, camera, and phone body from taking any direct damage from enevitable accidental drops!